Leader of Automotive Supplies and Equipment for over 35 years                                         

       Here are the Economy Auto Supply Team Members:

George:    General Manager of Economy Auto Supply.  He has been running operations for over 35 years.    Some of his responsibilities include Customer Relations,  Accounts Receivable,  Accounts Payable,  Bookkeeping,   inventory control and sales management.  You can email him at


John:    Counter Supervisor of Economy Auto Supply.   He has worked the "front lines" of Economy Auto Supply for 35+ years.   He brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to the business.   He also runs the machine shop and makes sure all operations run smooth at our front counter.  


Michael:   As former "Counter Man of the Month", the most prestigious award offered to the Automotive parts industry,  is responsible for overall operations of the counter.   He is in charge of 3 drivers and ensures that all customers get a quick delivery of their order.   He runs an efficient delivery system and always puts the customer first.


Tom:   Is a counter man specialist that waits on all of our walk in customers and our shop customers.   He has been in the business for over 20+ years and provides us with great experience to EAS.  Some of his responsibilities include  fulfilling orders,  working with customers at their site and gives that extra touch by visiting the customers in person to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Mike R.:   Is a counter man specialist who has been in the business for 20+ years.  He brings many talents to EAS especially that he speaks Spanish fluently.  He was widen our customer base by bringing in Spanish customers to us and gets great feedback from all of our customers.  Some of his responsibilities are order fulfillment,   inventory and customer satisfaction.   


Ken:  Is our dealership and service station salesman.  He can come to your shop and make sure you have all the inventory needed for your business to run smoothly.  He has been in the automotive business for over 20 years and carries a wealth of knowledge that he can share with you.


We also have 4 rapid drivers that can deliver the part to you as fast as possible.  Our drivers include  Jimmy,  Frankie,  Freddie and our newest member Eric. 

If you need to contact us via phone,  please call our toll free number at 1-800-696-8939.  Have a great day.

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