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Winter Specials We carry a full line of Automotive Supplies and Equipment including Shop Supplies and Equipment.  We specialize in repair shops and auto dealers.  We have auto parts for all
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Foreign and Domestic Cars.   Also in our product line are the shop supplies that are needed for your day-to-day business needs.          And those hard-to-find supplies?

Meet The Team If we don't have it in stock,  we can order it for you and have it delivered by the  end of  the week.   If you are not in driving distance,  we can ship it out via UPS the same day!
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 We carry a full line of Automotive Supplies and Equipment including Shop Supplies. 

 We specialize from dealerships and  repair shops to the do it yourselfers.   Just some of the products we carry :

Air Conditioning



Retro Fit, Tools, Supplies P-B Blaster Group 7
Leak Detector Dye Liquid Wrench Oil Filters
Ester oil WD-40 Air Filters
Pag oil CrC556 Fuel Filters
O-rings Spray White Grease  
Freon R11, R12 and R-134a Tub White Grease

Shop Supplies

  Carb Cleaner Dynatex Silicones

Brake Parts

Air Intake Cleaner 3M Products
Brake Fluid 14oz qts gals Starting Fluid Latex Gloves
Dot3 450 Dot4  Dot5 Spray Red Grease Adhesives
Caliper Grease Engine cleaner Razor Blades
Silicone Caliper Grease Belt Dressing Hand Soaps
Steel Line Wire Dry Tapes
Brass Fittings

Sprayway Glass Cleaner 

Brake Cleaner Silicone Spray            Lighting
Wheel Grease Disc Brake Quieter Sealed Beams
Brake Pads Hi Tack Spray Halogen Bulbs
Disc brake quieter Undercoat Spray Rough Service Bulbs
    Fluorescent Bulb



Mini Bulbs
Complete Line of Rayovac Hose Clamps Drop Light
AA  AAA  C  D   9V Muffler Clamps Reel Light
Alarm Batteries   Fluorescent Light

Electric Supply

Flash light
Cleaners Terminals Extension Cords
Protectors Tape  
Washers Primary Wire

Tire Products

Cables Liquid Tape Wheel Weight
  Heat Shrink Valve Stems

Brooms Brushes

Fuses Valve Extensions
Snow Rakes Wire Ties Bead Sealer + Cements
Snow Brooms Scotch Locks Air Fittings
Floor Brooms   Tire Plugs
Floor Squeegees

Fluids + Treatments

Valve Caps
Acid Brushes Power Steering Fluid Tire Crayons
Snow Brushes Transmission Fluid Tire Tools
Parts Brushes Window Washer Concentrate  
  Brake Fluid

Tools + Equipment

                Hoses STP Oil Treatment See Your Flyer Sale
Garage Exhaust Hose Motor Medic  
Vacuum Hose Techron Fuel Treatment


Fuel Hose F I Cleaner Clear Plus Wipers
Heater Hose Power Steering Treatment Anco Wipers
Air Hose   Bosch Blades

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Economy Auto Supply carries a full range of automotive services for your business needs.
We have a full machine shop in house and offer same day service on most machine work.

        Our Expert Staff can do the following for you:

Machine Rotors Check Batteries Press Bearings
Machine Drums Check Alternators Machine Flywheels



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